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MAMBO FACTORY is a Portuguese design group renowned for owning, designing, developing and marketing four design brands. Our teams strive to elevate design through craftsmanship, creating daring and elegant collections of furniture, lighting and ceramic tiles that resonate across the globe. Every piece capitalizes on century old Portuguese craftsmanship where every piece is made by hand in Portugal. Meet our brands below.

our brands



Mambo Unlimited Ideas production is based in Portugal where a team of skilled craftsmen carefully brings to life every of its original designs with traditional production techniques. Each step of manufacturing is carefully controlled in a close relation between the design and production teams that together bring new designs to life.



Utu’s production is based in Portugal, home to a long crafts tradition. Skilled craftsmen bring to shape our designs using traditional production techniques in a close relationship between the design and production teams that results in meticulous production methods and quality control that give special attention to details.



Theia's main objective while designing and producing tiles: assuring they offer creative and top quality products. That has been crucial to their increasingly growing recognition. Their production is based in Portugal and in its historical traditional techniques of production, where they have skilled craftsman that carefully bring to life every single piece that they create.



Born in Portugal, Dooq is a design company dedicated to celebrate the luxury of living. Creating designs that stimulate the senses, whose conceptual approach is inspired on the unexpected meeting of opposite things.
Their studio focuses on an extensive research of details together with a vast iconographic research around art and design, creating an ever-evolving language that emphasises first the small things.

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